relaunch party!!!

noooo, just kidding, no party, i can’t afford that.. i just paid two rad girls to write this sonnet of a code for me (email me if you want the tip off)..

my edited and revised and redesigned website is now up and active! it took some time but i now no longer want to hide the fact that i have one.. tell your boss!  tell your friends! tell your mom! tell my mom! ..i forgot to call her..

click on the images to go to the site!!! (i looked that code up just for you..i’m fancy!!)

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i want a cane/walking stick..

because they’re awesome.. and i might actually need one..

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dance of the hanged men

i love these pictures of lizzy mercier descloux and patti smith from when they were roommates in 1977.. they’re dressed up like arthur rimbaud and his sister (whaaa you can’t tell?).. patty was a big fan of him..

lizzy was just as cool.. check out this video and the songs below.. she’s a next level dancing queeeen..

lizzy mercier descloux- “fire”

lizzy mercier descloux- “funky stuff”

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sponge eye

i rarely like all of anything, especially with editorials, but the styling in these are just soo good..

photos by peter gehrke. styled by robert rydbergelle. elle sweden. march 2011

it’s saturday and i’m lazy.. all i want to do is visually satiate you.. here are two more editorials i’ve been favoritizing for awhile.. i don’t know where these are from but simulating animal-esque qualities while jumping around in a canyon wearing fur and turquoise is never a bad thing..

karlie kloss really kills it with the death stare in these.. photos by jacob sutton (covering terry richardson) for dazed and confused..

this song has been on repeat for the past twenty-four hours.. i have searched endlessly for more information on them but it’s been, like, totally fruitless or something.. it’s a shirelles cover (the yardbirds version totally sucks, the shirelles is pretty good, but this is the BEST).. this is the new spring fever jam.. i’m ready, sun..

jean & the statesides- “putty In your hands”


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yeah! words! i like ‘em!

write ‘em down, send ‘em in a letter, post it on a sign! let those feelings out, spring has sprung!.. kinda

nancy + sid = forever (#8 “she has fab taste in clothes”) fab?? really sid?

i finally finished the mandarins.. and let me articulate.. i liked it..

clarence and alabama go to cancun..

patricia arquette’s voice haunts my daydreams..

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this one’s on me

for my birthday conrad got me black inches, a car lighter and no car, a trophy and a cd of photos from the show.. what a pal.. all photos by conrad kofron..

p.s. watch out for the leaner on the right side..

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